How To Play Tap Sports Baseball 2016


Designed by Glu, Tap Sports Baseball 2016 is a sports game available on Android. In this game of Baseball, through a simple and intuitive control system, you simply scan the screen to hit the ball and make home runs. Hire real players playing in the major league, manage your team at all levels and multiply wins up in the rankings. Take part in online tournaments and do you impose all these competitions to earn rewards and build a team of legendary players.

Objective of the game: You will manage and play with your own baseball team to try to get the best players and win matches and climb positions in the ranking.

How to play: All players have different skills so that you will have to choose your strategy when playing, improving you to exchange your players against the big stars.

To play the game: This is an official application that has all the real players, you can play online against users around the world and participate in tournaments and leagues or form a club with friends.

Controls: Simply press the screen for players to perform any action, either hit or stealing bases, the most difficult is to reach the right time.

Resources: With abundant resources you will easily win every game, to get unlimited resources for free we recommend using tap sports baseball 2016 hack

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 back in late September?


Samsung is he seeing the end of the tunnel? It will take a few weeks. The American division of the company has announced a recall program and exchange about one million Galaxy Note 7 , according to the US Commission of Consumer Protection (CPSC). The goal is to repatriate all smartphones sold before September 15, while 87% of them are still in circulation across the Altantic. USA Samsung also announced it will provide “safe” versions of Note 7 on 21 September.

The inability to replace his PHABLET partly explains the reluctance of customers to return to the manufacturer. To remedy the situation, Samsung is offering to exchange the Note 7 against a Galaxy S7 , a Galaxy S7 edge or a refund. Through the voice of the CEO of its US division, the Korean giant held anyway to reassure users about the fact that the problem is now resolved and that it should not happen again once the Note 7 sold again.

In France, an exchange program has also been implemented , although the number of affected customers is much more limited. The suspension of the marketing of the Galaxy Note 7 was announced on September 2, launch day in France. Customers who had already ordered can retrieve the new version from the 19 September. In contrast, Samsung France has yet to release date of delivery on sale in stores. In announcing the withdrawal, several commercial sites were announced October 5, before removing the mention. The discount on the French market she will even the United States, for now, hopefully.

In two weeks, the testimonies about the Galaxy Note 7 have multiplied, whether the burning of a hotel room , its ban in the air by the federal authority of the US aviation or the explosion of a car. Faced with the arrival of the iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung will have to convince its customers to redo her confidence. Before moving to the Galaxy S8, the launch could be advanced.

The Best Puzzle Games For iPad and iPhone

The Best Puzzle Games For iOS

Block Legends
chiptune music, a pixelated hero and violent confrontations with monsters superimpose these blocks puzzler. We can improve our character and collect treasures, while we combine perk same colored blocks. Simple, but well done.

Wizard Quest
Plays more like a classic arcade title, with a hero who conquers a scrolling screen. Our job is to remove obstacles to cure or monsters to fight by the combination of three or more identical objects.

Puppy Sanctuary
hit The Sims at Bejeweled if we combine also colors of kidnapped pets, with which we can interact when they are freed. You can feed them or we can play with them. There is a dog and a cat version.

Puzzle Craft
This combination of urban development and match-3 puzzler works perfectly. We can buy optional power-ups and more shapes and try to build the perfect Kingdom. Cute cover for the same old game concept.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign
creative combination of classic Marvel heroes, trading cards and jigsaws. Our hero can be improved and send into battle by combining colored parts. There are only a small story, but a lot of familiar characters.

Shining Core
Unfortunately this title is not yet upgraded for Retina devices. That does not prevent it is still one of the best games in Puzzle & Dragons genre. We need to combine defensive and offensive puzzle pieces to fight against monsters and bosses.

Knack’s Quest
Companion app that accompanies the PS4 platformer Knack, itself is a nice game. We can earn for the character in big PS4 game by completing the simple Puzzlers Items. But Knack’s Quest is also such a fun puzzle game.

Toy Blast
This game is one of the best in the category of puzzle games. Here you need the right strategy to win each level. To get unlimited coins please visit the following website

Touch DOFUS, the World of Twelve at your fingertips

Touch DOFUS review

A true MMORPG tablet? You dreamed, Ankama did! Dofus Touch is simply a copy of the PC version of DOFUS, the game originally a manga series, an animated film of the same name but in most games of this French studio. Nothing has been removed for this mobile version. Finally, if one thing … the subscription. Yes you read right, no need to rub your peepers, you do not dream DOFUS Touch is free to play, if not free! So for the players who had the chance to taste on PC, no need to read this review, you already know that this game is beautiful, rich and just awesome. Run fast download!

Welcome to the World of Twelve

The adventure that awaits you will be long and perilous but the game is worth the candle. Only the bravest will take possession of Dofus, legendary Dragons eggs . Those latter Earmark fabulous power to their holders. Before we get there, so start by creating a character. No fewer than 15 classes ahead : Ecaflip, Eniripsa, Iop, Feca, Sadida, Osamodas, Enutrof, Xelor, or Steamer. Classes to original names (they let you decode) that set the tone: The humor and word play are everywhere , let it be said! During the game you will encounter a Lanseuft Troille to be guided by Ahenn Pooh in his career choice, walking the familiar or the Bisouglours ride his trusty steed the Dragodinde which as its name suggests comes from the unlikely cross between a turkey and … well you get the idea. Joking aside, the choice can be agonizing, each class having its specialty (tank, support, DPS) and being more or less easy to grasp.

Once that choice is made, it will be possible to customize his character somewhat. Colored clothes and accessories, skin tone and face. Then the World of Twelve will open the arms. A world full of creatures sometimes Mimi, funny, alcoholic or downright flippantes. Incarnam will be our first playground. This tutorial area will teach us the basics of Dofus Touch. Quests, craft, farm, keep, once the area cleaned the game will have no secrets for us … almost. For Dofus contains countless challenges, puzzles and so on.


Wambo sandboxes or Metag Robill

The best way to climb the 200 game levels is the grind. Tons of monsters await us, especially in the many dungeons scattered around the map. Of demanding dungeons that will sometimes must clean team. Dofus Touch unfortunately leaves little room for players who like soloing. The fighting in turn are made fingertip but will be more tactical than it seems. It will move wisely as each class has its own skills at the worn and different elements. Avoids swinging before a mob when it is not for the clinch … I say that … I mean nothing … During every fight a bonus challenge comes, if validated, may increase significant gains or loot exp.

To fight requires the right tools. The game features an impressive array of weapons and sometimes together outfits accessories for a very nice set of effects. You can even make combinations to best suit his class and his way of playing. Yes because in Dofus Touch, it is possible to mount his character as understood. Although an Osamodas is designed to let its invocations, we can sufficiently increase his stats so he will not hesitate to throw into the fray.

Kamas for the brave

But sometimes the stuff is very expensive. It will be possible to get into 3 different trades , crafts or harvesting, plus 2 specializations, just to make some Kamas, the currency of the game. Alchemist, hunter, woodsman, sculptor or yet blacksmith again some tracks will be easier than others. An occupation will take time but unlike its predecessor, DOFUS toutch chose the economic model of Free to Play . No more subscription here so we can acquire all sorts of items through Kamas Gloutines but also due to the premium currency. You decide whether to acquire the variety that makes you feel as you slave away and take your time or go through the cash shop and get it in a few clicks. One can say without blushing that DT is a free game for the most hard workers and patients players.

But do not worry, with a good team it is really possible to loot what crafter and make money. As stated above, Dofus Touch is designed for cooperation between players . Sometimes, to access a dungeon or recover emote, it will be in a group to solve a puzzle for example. And that’s not all. Obviously like any good MMORPG it will be possible to group together in guild for more efficiency. Besides two factions vie for World of Twelve . We can, at one time or another, choose sides and alignment. The Bontarians being nice and Brakmarians those who chose the dark side. Challenge a player of the opposing clan in PvP brings honor points and new stripes. The Kolossium also allows you to cum on the face as a team. In short there is plenty to do!

CSR Racing 2 review: racing game as well as good fun

csr racing 2 hack

Drag racing games do not necessarily among the most represented. Because this sport involves standing start to go as soon as possible a few hundred meters straight with block boosted vehicles. Yet some have tried it and succeeded perfectly the challenge. This is particularly the case with NaturalMotion excellent CSR Racing series on iOS and Android.

If this series has been able to clearly position itself among the best arcade racing games on mobile alongside more nervous games such as Asphalt, Need for speed or Real Racing, it owes mainly to bluffing modeling many bagnoles to unlock, the richness of our supercars settings or to its simple mechanical but devilishly effective in shopping.

Races in timing graph

Every race is a simple duel between us and an opponent controlled by the machine or another player depending on the selected mode. In the last, while only about timing. the principle of observing the cars jostling side view for a few seconds during the race and touch the screen at the right time, make the best possible start, shift gears or use nitro. Mechanisms that can however become a daunting pile over the long term. Especially as CSR Racing 2 hack lets you play during long sessions if it agrees to refuel (the game limited energy) by viewing advertising videos. The game is also rather stingy environments and merely few different courses. Some courses just broken down by day, night or climate.

Fortunately, like CSR Racing first name, csr racing 2 hack has a main frame. A career mode that takes us into the shallows of the city and we raced against five gang suspected of stealing cars from Jerry, the manager of our new team Pit Row Racing. A true small player campaign that makes us want, if we want to keep the road against the gang members and their boss, making a loop of classic races against AI, real-time races against other players or the event runs.

CSR2 offers any kind of races to earn the dollars needed if one wants to buy more efficient cars from famous manufacturers (Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Jaguar, Chevrolet). Tricked we will customize and optimize, always a fee, by improving different parts such as the engine, tires or chassis and making some adjustments. Settings sometimes lack precision on the touchscreen. If some bagnoles may be acquired only with the premium currency or at certain events, nothing really impedes the progress of patients players who do not wish to go to the checkout can be apart PvP.

Pokemon GO lost 15 million users

Pokemon GO

By far the most successful of this year’s a smartphone app or game, Pokemon Go stunned by his rapid rise and is now a subject for specialists in this field. As it was natural, and the moment came that cuba product life is on a downward slope. It seems, however, that if the decrease is a mirror Pokemon Go growth.

According to data released by analysis firm Apptopia in the last month Pokemon Go embarked on a steep slope which earned him lose about a third of the number of daily active users. Mid-July was the peak for Pokemon Go, which record at that time 45 million people who opened the game daily. A month later, in mid-August, only 30 million people plays Pokemon Go every day.

Although a clear decrease, things are not so bad in terms of measurements Pokemon Go. This is because the analysis is done in metric monthly performance, and decreasing the number of monthly active users, when it will be made public in any case will not be as pronounced. In other news, despite the drop pronounced Pokemon Go shows its limits but it is far to be considered a closed chapter.

And engagement within the game follows the line drawn by the number of users. The decline began in mid-July, with a return in early August (when Niantic manufacturer released the second update) followed by a further decrease. Compared to other games and smartphone applications, Pokemon Go remains the most popular product, is still on the first place among the free games from Google Play Store.

iPhone 7 will be presented on September 7

iphone 7

image source:

The US company Apple sent invitations to the media for the annual autumn event, an event that will bring, among other things, a new version of iPhone. The event in September is a tradition for Apple. It is the most important event organized by the American company, the most important product launches: iPhone. This year, the event will take place on September 7 in San Francisco. The same venue, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, was used in June for World Wide Developer Forum conference.

Although not exactly known what name will wear in general sense the new model is known as iPhone 7. It is possible, however, to call Apple, starting this year, a new logical naming its phones, given that will launch a new design every three years instead of two years as was the case until now. The new design will most likely use the iPhone 6. The most important change seems to be giving up the 3.5 mm audio output. As a result, headphones for iPhone will either be wireless or will use lightning connector (standard connector for iPhone and iPad).

A small change in design, however, will target the so-called signal line. The two lines behind the phone will become thinner and will be moved to the extremes phone, making it less visible. Also, it seems that the larger model will use a dual camera system. Plus version will be equipped with two cameras whose photos will be combined into one to get sharper and brighter.

Along with a new iPhone, Apple might launch new version of MacBook Pro and Apple Watch. It is possible that the MacBook Pro is equipped with Touch ID. Instead, the news for Apple Watch will be, most likely, minor, transmits the source.

GO Map: Applications Supporting Pokemon Go

GO Map

The Pokémon GO phenomenon continues to grow. Although the game is available in a limited number of countries, more than 50 million trainers beat the pavement and Pokémon frenzy is just beginning.

You want to optimize your hunt and ensure you capture rare Pokémon, community enforcement GO Map developed by mobile teams Webedia Gaming could bring you the much hoped.

Find also on a map supplied by the community all these Pokémon around you with the ability to filter to find the monsters you need. As the assistant to the Coyote conduct, trainers indicate the presence of creatures on the map, the reliability rate increases with the number of people confirming the information. Otherwise, after a number of negative votes, said Pokémon will simply be deleted.

GO Map is an unofficial application, at any time with or supported by The Pokémon Company, Nintendo and Niantic Lab. It is a tool created by fans for helping the community. The Android app has just been updated to meet the expectations of users and the requests made by them since the launch of GO Map. The 1.3.0 update now shows if the Pokémon reported is NEW and the number of positive and negative votes for each Pokémon with the aim to facilitate the reading of information.

Nintendo NX Release Date, News and Rumors

Nintendo NX Release Date

Building on the recent rumors to the next Nintendo console codenamed NX reported LetsPlayVideogames that the detachable controller of the handheld portion will provide both motion control and force feedback. The basic motion control to be roughly comparable to the Wii Remote Plus. Even existing Wii Remotes you to some, but not all can use multiplayer NX-titles. The used “force feedback technology” should be possible to compare the controllers of HTC Vive. Thus, there is not only a standard vibration. The strength of the vibration can rather be adapted to the situation, such as a blow with a sword (strong vibration) or a soft serve with a tennis ball (weaker vibration).

Has also industry insider Emily Rogers in the course of Bewegungssteuerung- and Force Feedback speculation about word reported and more bits of information spread that were happened to her. Since her Twitter account now is “private”, their comments in NeoGAF forum have been compiled. Rogers says that the rumors around the detachable controller, motion control and force feedback are correct.

The NX-prototype (handheld) is said to have a 6.2 inch (about 15.75 cm) wide screen with multi-touch surface. The resolution should be 720p. The prototype of the docking station (for connecting the handheld to the TV) is equipped with USB ports. Currently there is talk of two USB ports. However, it is unclear whether the final versions of the devices are equipped with the same specifications.

Nintendo NX will be officially unveiled later this year and delivered in March 2017 worldwide. In addition, the release of the Wii U was raised that had to do without new games after the release for a long time. This approach could have played a role in the poor sales, so Nintendo is already working closely with other game developers. This is intended to be powered from the very beginning with adequate software to avoid bottlenecks and can get the interest in the new system constantly maintains the Nintendo NX.

Mobius Final Fantasy For Android Review

Mobius Final Fantasy For Android

This year is definitely under the sign of Final Fantasy on the side of Square Enix . Among the long-awaited release of the fifteenth installment (and all the marketing products that go with it) and the arrival of World of Final Fantasy , the Japanese publisher does eventually decline over her favorite franchise. Mobile carriers are also entitled with Mobius Final Fantasy. This is not the first attempt to the saga on smartphones and tablets, so there was reason to be optimistic for this umpteenth episode. But the contract is it once again filled?

The story is rather ordinary for players who already have several Final Fantasy to their credit. This is about a prophecy for our avatar. He returned from the darkness not knowing who he is, but he will still save the world from Palamecia becoming the Warrior of Light. It is for us to guide him in this quest where we will meet several characters who will accompany us along our journey. Currently, two chapters are available, but they already offer several hours of play. The rest will come over the months, but the content proposed to date remains quite big enough to be able to write a full review. It is therefore impossible to really judge the scenario looks quite classic but still well written with many dialogues and gorgeous cinematics. Do not forget that we are mobile and therefore we can say that the graphics are really impressive. everything of course depends on the apparatus used, all remains fluid as well as during the fighting sequences during the dialogues. Square Enix makes a real tour de force by providing a soundtrack well paced and quality equal to the album on home consoles. From a technical standpoint, there is not much wrong. But as you can imagine, he had to make concessions on some important points.


Indeed, all the exploration side of the RPG is absent in Mobius Final Fantasy . Here, our hero moves automatically to “box to box” on the map. Each region contains a more or less difficult fight according to our level. A rare moments, the player will have the opportunity to advance in line right in a closed area and talk to characters. These passages are few and mostly serve the narrative that is almost exclusively via dialogues between each battle. This helps to boost a little progress. The game offers no inventory to speak of. Because in spite of what is possible to think at first glance, this episode focuses exclusively on fighting turn-based. It is not a evil in itself since they are quite dynamic with a simple gameplay to handle. But before getting into the arena, you will learn important basics because Mobius Final Fantasy is a way in which to manage their cards through decks and jobs. That’s why the game begins with a lengthy tutorial that demand our attention. Especially that, you had to expect, this album is entirely in English … It is always regrettable to note that the translation work is less and less done, especially regarding the RPG .

Everything starts with a system of “Job”. Early in the game, there are three and the player can rotate or pick one for the whole story. This leaves a certain freedom that allows us to adopt the strategy of our choice. Three decks can be built around the business “Mage”, “Ranger” and “Onion Knight.” Others are unlockable later by collecting orbs of competence after the fighting. It is highly recommended to combine the cards according to the selected job, but also in relation to the elements. Indeed, when clicking on an area, the type of enemy appears. There are some that are kind of water, fire, earth and wind. A weak system of the party and each element is vulnerable to its opposite. It is then well pick his cards before launching into a fight even if they are not very difficult. The classic attack is to tap the screen to give a blow with the weapon associated with your hero. In addition to dealing damage, it provides orbs of fire, water, wind, health or land. Each attack obtained using cards with needs a certain number of orbs that randomly fall for use. It is highly recommended to attack with a card that embeds a power type opposite to that of the enemy to inflict considerable damage. After suffering several strokes, your opponent will break its gauge emptied and once it reaches zero, your attacks will cause even more damage and often lead to victory. Unlike an RPG classic, it is not possible to use items during battle. If your avatar has more points, the game will offer to release a phoenix feather (if you have) to continue to fight. Otherwise, it’s game over and have to be repeated this level.

If this combat system is rather pleasant, Mobius Final Fantasy can be quickly repetitive. Indeed, the enemies are not at all varied and all the battles tend to look alike. In addition, a stamina bar just play spoilsport as it will deplete gradually as you enchaînerez fighting. Once reset, wait for it to refill play again. Fortunately, elixirs allow the complete and it is simple enough to get them through the shop. It must be stressed that there is no need to spend hard cash to move forward. Almost all the important items can be purchased with in-game currency and this is great news. Although this feeling of deja vu comes up quite often over the levels, Square Enix has introduced a system to merge multiple cards to make them gain power. Admittedly, this is not necessarily original, but it forces the player to think about how to use the different powers that be. Is it better to sell them to make money or merge for more devastating attacks? This is not obvious, but Mobius Final Fantasy has a small strategy aspect is welcome.

Overall, Square Enix delivers a very clean copy, despite some downsides. In addition to some flaws mentioned above, we regret the obligation to be connected to the internet to play, because it is possible to encounter other players and check their profiles during the game. The game invites us to choose a card from another player before each fight so you can use it to lend us a hand. For the rest, it’s all good. Certainly, the exploration aspect is sorely needed for a RPG but Mobius Final Fantasy is largely up to what we could expect on mobile. Although all content is not yet available, there is already much to do in just two chapters. Hopefully the result will bring a little more variety in the bestiary met as in the repetitiveness of combat. Anyway, fans of the series should greatly appreciate this title and others will discover an enjoyable game, which proves to be an excellent hobby.