7 tricks for the Generation II Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO update

The Second Generation of Pokémon GO has arrived, and even for some time: the latest update has introduced many innovations and brought the brand to the headlines, introducing new game mechanics, new Pokémon along with new items and berries. To navigate the great chaos raised dall’effluvio of novelty, you need a number of tricks for the second generation Pokémon GO that contains suggestions, clarifications and small curiosities that will be useful to every coach.

As well as the generation of Pokémon had introduced the concept of regional exclusivity of certain Pokémon ie only be captured creatures exploring certain geographical areas, such as Japan, North America and Oceania even the Generation II sees among its new-entry also two new regional Pokémon.

They treat Heracross and Corsola : while the former is easily traceable throughout South and Central America (including a portion of Texas), the second covers a more transversal portion of the globe, including (as it was expected for a similar Pokémon the reef) the equatorial belt. So if you happen to travel to India, Thailand and Central Africa, be alert: a wild Corsola could appear at any time.

With the update that introduced the Second Generation, Pokémon GO also saw rise of nearly 100 positions which are actually far fewer, as we explained to you in the past to his teammates for eligible Pokémon rose by any Coach. In the future we will dedicate to the Pokémon stronger Pokémon GO dedicated an entire study; until then we decided to only show the strongest Pokémon found in nature or through a constant training, including berries and candy Pokémon, until the final evolution.

The strongest offensive Pokemon are Dragonite ( Codadrago, Outrage / Codadrago, Tornado ), Tyranitar ( Bite, Stone Edge / Bite, Crunch ) and Machamp ( Counterattack, DynamicPunch ): given that the first two occupy two top positions, it takes these three Pokémon to complete the first rack of the strongest Pokémon in the attack. The strongest defensive Pokémon are Blissey ( Botta, Magibrillio ), Snorlax ( Zen Headbutt, Hyper Beam ), Dragonite ( Codadrago, Tornado ), Rhydon ( Mud, Stone Edge ) and Steelix ( Iron Tail, Pesobomba ).

Each of these positions has been derived from Table made from Goptimiz site, which you can use to find out more statistics and analysis; We only remember that the simulations do not take into account the Pokémon’s ability to dodge the move launched, so the sets mentioned moves must not be considered to be effective in all cases complete. But the introduction of new Pokémon does not only mean having to review their strategies of attack, or change the destination of the next vacation to capture a regional Pokémon, but also add new trepidation when the hatching of eggs. But what Pokémon Eggs should be given precedence, to get the best Pokémon of Generation II?

Following the instructions at the top table, you can control which Pokémon Eggs contain the creature you want to achieve ; Nevertheless, the arrival of some instruments introduced l ‘ ” controlled evolution “, which therefore requires the presence of stones them affect the evolution of a Pokémon which can not be found in the eggs. Upgrading to the Generation II Pokémon GO also introduced new berries and stones that speed up the processes of evolution of the rarest Pokémon:

– Baccananas : this type of berries allows you to double the number of candies obtained by catching a Pokémon. We strongly recommend using Baccananas only n the case of particularly rare Pokémon, generally or in your area of residence, and with a Ultra Ball or Mega Ball : If you missed the launch of Pokeballs or Pokémon was free, you should administer a new Baccananas for doubling Candy Pokémon.

– Baccabana : similarly to Baccalampon, Baccabana allows to slow down the movement of the Pokémon. Extremely useful in the case of particularly fast or rare Pokémon.

– Dragon Scale : This tool, which can be found in Pokéstop, can be used to facilitate the evolution of Seadra in Kingdra, in addition to 100 Candies Horsea.

– King’s Rock : when applied to Slowpoke, along with 50 related Pokémon Candies, will get one Slowking, while if it will be used on Poliwhirl can modify the evolution of Poliwrath to Polited, along with 100 Pokémon Candies.

– Sun Stone : together with 100 Candies Oddish, Sun Stone will evolve Gloom in Bellossom.

– Metal Coat : if applied to Schyter or Onix, adding 50 Pokémon Candy relative you can add in the Pokédex respectively Steelix and Scizor.

– Upgrade : need to evolve Porygon in Porygon2.

The Generation I had Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon, while the Generation II sees the arrival of Umbreon and Espeon : the two new Eevee evolutions are difficult to obtain, but can guarantee great satisfaction. To find out how to get Umbreon just rename your Eevee in ” Tamao ” before proceeding with the development, and applies the same for Espeon (but the name will be ” Sakura “). This trick will work only

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