Magic Rush Heroes Hack Diamonds For Android Tips

Magic rush heroes hack

Magic rush heroes hack priority is on how to get exp in large quantities is how to manage it as carefully as possible and be completed in the process at every stage in the campaign mode. Therefore, when playing this adventure game is recommended to use a formation 221 or 122. For example, 221 Pulan your Blaind Russel Gerber 122 Gerber Grunk Mira or Mira Karna Blain. In addition to using the right formation, you also note in equipment suitable for balancing skill. You do this by gathering shadow essencce in the market, alliance shop or guardian war.

Crystal Cave, probably has the fewest restrictions of all the available mini-games in the Magic Rush Heroes. You do not waste food, health and energy of the characters after the passage of the level is filled, there is no limit to your level. You can pass as many levels as you want and how much you allow the strength of your squad. Therefore, if you are already all about it in the game today, you can spend time trying to pass a new level in the dungeon.

Passing crystal cave

  • Enhances the experience of your heroes, participate in passing
  • Receive Equipment for heroes (at levels 10,20,30 … etc)
  • Get Essence of Shadow (at levels 15,25,35 … etc To improve the equipment)

To pass, you can choose the 10 characters: 5 and 5 starting replacement. Players with VIP 5/7/9/11/13 may take a greater number of replacement characters depending on the level AIAI respectively. Each time your character dies start you call on the battlefield from another replacement list.

Selecting characters

There are a lot of different options on how to choose the 10 characters. For the early levels of the game Dungeons Crystal Magic Rush Heroes Hack will be enough just all pumped up to a maximum of 2-4 characters of different positions. But the more the more difficult. And soon begin the levels where no desired line-up did not go further. Here are some recommendations for the heroes who show good themselves in the crystal cave. All of the above characters are ideal for the raid at high levels. Perhaps some of the characters you will be in 2 or 3 packs of power and you will have to download them only for the sake of a crystal cave but the victim should go, because not all the characters are good here.

For The Passage Tips

1.Podstraivaytes under the enemy

Enemies are different for each level: as the main enemies of the heroes and monsters. Some of them have a high resistance to magic, and some to the physical. Damage – is all you need to consider before you start to pass this or that level. Before each level you can see five main monsters from this level, point to each of them and, sdela conclusions set the Mag-pack or Def. pack as a start at this level.

2. Kill turns

Try to focus on not killing all the enemies at once, but one by one. Another advantage of such a passage you can make up your heroes enerniyu killing five of the last enemy. Arrange your priorities are as follows.

3.Drugie tips

  • When you see an enemy tank, which hung on all boards to protect against damage until the tank is alive – and it does not attack the enemy back line so this tank will receive more damage.
  • Use at least two tanks on the battlefield, as well as in the case of the death of the tank – always have it replaced by another tank
  • Each level has 2 rounds, so try to always be At least one healer in the team.
  • Wear heroes gear with active skills before passing.
  • Before you can use the ability to ensure that your character attack animation has finished – try not to interrupt her. Although it is a trifle.

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