One Piece Treasure Cruise: a special event to celebrate the anniversary

One Piece Treasure Cruise

The famous mobile game One Piece Treasure Cruise , developed by NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment , during the next few days will host some extraordinary game events to celebrate its second anniversary in Europe and North America. Starting tomorrow you can download the new update that will allow users to participate in a unique event, the 2 nd Anniversary Sugo-Fest , available February 23 to 25 (time zone PST).

The new update will include several features

  • Super Evolution” – will be added new levels of rarity! Players will be able to evolve the characters to new levels of rarity, as ★ ★ 5 + 6 + and, thanks to “Super Evolution” function. Performing a “Super Evolution”, will be able to get some amazing effects and new special powers!
  • Rayleigh’s Bazaar” – Players can now sell characters and items in exchange of points, then exchanged for other characters and objects in the new “Rayleigh’s Bazaar”. In addition, the “Rayleigh’s Bazaar” will be available exclusively exchangeable characters and new powerful bonuses.
  • Crewmate Abilities – Some characters, including existing ones, will get new battle skills. With these new skills, players can increase the combinations of your deck, as well as possible strategies!

As a thank you for all users One Piece Treasure Cruise will, as we have already mentioned, its 2 nd Anniversary Sugo-Fest , a special version of the event summon more popular game, which will include:

  • New characters voiced exclusively for the Sugo-Fest, Monkey D. Luffy – Straw Hat Pirates: Reunited! In addition, they will also always available dubbed Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Franky two years later!
  • During the event, you will have double the chance to win exclusive characters!
  • You can also get characters ★ 4 or higher guaranteed in 10 + 1 Rare Recruit!
  • The event will last 72 hours instead of the usual 24!

In addition, as a special bonus on the second anniversary, all players who will access immediately, will receive the special character Tea Time Nami. One Piece Treasure Cruise is a mobile game which today boasts over 60 million downloads worldwide and a roster of 1,100 characters. One Piece Treasure Cruise is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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