Walking War Robots App: Futuristic robot shooter

Walking War Robots

In the free Walking War Robots app , users become a Metal Warrior and plunge into exciting real-time battles. The multiplayer shooter convinces both graphically and with regard to its robot and weapon repertoire. Over five million times, the futuristic shooter from Pixonic has been downloaded since its release in April 2014, as the developers have announced on their website. It is an action shooter in which the player has to defend himself as a battle robot in a possible future world scenario.

In addition to the War Robots Cheats Android version, which you can download here for free, there is still an iOS version. The game is refinanced through advertising and in-app purchases. The latter, however, has quite a lot in it, so the prices are about five and over 100 euros. The Android device should have at least Android version 4.1, and an Internet connection is required to ensure the real-time games.

The story in Walking War Robots Android

The shooter plays in a future version of the Earth, which is just like a battlefield. After finding a way to deal with the radiation of nuclear weapons, they are practically everyday. The obstacles have disappeared – greed is all the greater. There are no longer any national boundaries, but military powers direct the world order. The constantly furious fight between the camps is carried out with giant robotic robots. In the cockpit of such a Warriors the player rises.

Different robots and weapons

The various weapons and robots that the user can use in the shooter are worth mentioning. The app has about 16 robotic robots, which are characterized by different characteristics. In the course of the game, perseverance, firepower and speed can be further developed, so that an invincible battle robot can be created. In addition the 20 weapons, which can be used depending on the game type, help. Robots and weapons can also be combined in a variety of ways.

Multiplayer modes in the shooter

The Walking War Robots app also allows the assembly of troops to take to the battle. The focus here is on 6-to-6 battles, where teams can prove their tactical skills against rivals from all over the world. In addition, the game provides orders that provide bonuses on successful completion.

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